Best Places to Visit for a Fantastic Oahu Honeymoon

diamond head crater

We cannot think of a better place to spend your honeymoon than Oahu. With gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters, and endless activities to explore, you and your sweetheart will have the time of your lives!

Oahu Honeymoon Activities

If you’ve never been to Oahu, don’t worry—we’ve set aside a list of our favorite places to visit for your honeymoon. Read on so your Oahu honeymoon experience is the best it can be!

Hike the Diamond Head Crater

1.9 Miles, 515 ft. Elevation Gain

Hiking to the Diamond Head Crater is a classic activity for an Oahu stay! The steep but doable trail offers some of the best views Oahu has to offer once you’re at the top! You don't have to be a hiking expert to take on this trail, but it is a bit of a challenge, so make sure you're prepared for a decent hike.

Bring water and sunscreen along before you begin your trek, and get ready to experience stunning panoramic views of Hawaii. You and your partner can conquer the trail together and then enjoy the views from the top—how much more romantic can it get?

Private Sunset Horse Ride

See Hawaii in the best light possible on this guided sunset tour. Riding along a beautiful trail on a majestic horse as the sun sets over the shores of Oahu…we can’t think of a better way to spend a honeymoon, honestly.

Imagine you and your partner on horseback with a gorgeous scenic backdrop behind you—that’s what you’ll get on this private sunset horseback riding adventure! At sunset, Oahu becomes even more magical (if that’s possible!).

As you make your way along the trail, you’ll see grazing cattle, native fruit trees, wild pigs, and a breathtakingly beautiful panoramic view from the ranch’s scenic outlook at the end. You and your spouse will remember this magical experience for years to come.

Night Snorkeling in Turtle Bay

glow in the dark coral

Looking for some new and different nighttime activities in Oahu? How about a nighttime snorkeling experience?

Oahu is known for its many snorkeling spots, but have you ever thought about what it would be like to experience this magic at night? Now is your chance to explore the beautiful Hawaiian waters in a different light.

Equipped with snorkeling gear, wetsuit tops, fins, and powerful underwater lights, you’ll set out on an intimate guided adventure in the protected waters around Turtle Bay Resort. Fascinating wildlife emerges after the sun sets, so even if you’ve snorkeled in this area before, you have the chance to see something brand new. The nighttime marine life here includes several kinds of fish, octopi, sleeping sea turtles, eels, and even phosphorescent corals—coral that illuminates in the dark! You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind nighttime snorkeling exploration.

After the experience is over, catch an outdoor shower (included in the price) and check out the memories you made with Turtle Resort’s handheld Go Pros! You’ll be able to relive the footage with your spouse long after your honeymoon in Oahu is over.

Paddleboard with Rescue Dogs!

Wow, this local company combines two of our favorite things: paddleboarding and rescue dogs! Spend an afternoon on a paddleboarding adventure with an adorable rescue pup during this fun experience.

New to paddleboarding? No problem at all! The pups are great teachers and are used to working with beginners. Your expedition will start slow and steady as you gain your feet and work up to standing on the board.

The paddleboarding takes place on the Haleiwa River; its smooth, glassy surface makes it perfect for beginners to try their hand at paddleboarding. Once you get the hang of it, your very own rescue pup will hop aboard, and you’ll be ready for your hour-long SUP adventure! Afterwards, enjoy a mini photo shoot with the rescue pups and swap stories with others who were on the adventure with you. You and your spouse won’t forget this unique adventure!

Surf Lessons and Watersports

An unforgettable honeymoon in Oahu can be filled with adventure and trying new things with your loved one: surf lessons and the thrill of water sports with the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Whether one is a curious beginner or an advanced surfer, Oahu offers the perfect setting to ride the waves like a pro. Starting the adventure at Waikiki Beach, visitors can learn the basics from Jamie O'Brien's Surf Experience, which provides tailored lessons for all ages and skill levels. As confidence grows, the legendary North Shore awaits, renowned for its stunning coral reefs and world-class waves. Doug Deal's Surfing School offers personalized instruction for intermediate skills. For a unique twist, couples can even surf with the famous Hawaii Surf Dogs, where Rocky and his canine companions add extra excitement to the experience. Combining serene turquoise waters, expert guidance, and the thrill of surfing makes an Oahu honeymoon magical.

Enjoy a Lu'au

hawaii luau

Attending a lu'au is an absolute must for your honeymoon in Oahu. Experience an authentic Hawaiian lu'au like the one at the Nutridge Estate or the Paniolo Lu'au right at the Turle Bay Resort! Let's explore them both:

Nutridge Estate Lu'au

About a 40 minute drive from our Ko Olina Rentals, the Nutridge Lu'ua provides an unforgettable experience! This small, intimate lu'au has a strong focus on Hawaiian culture, and revenue from the events even goes back to protecting Hawaiian state parks and protected areas!

The estate itself is a protected area, so attendance is limited to small groups to reduce the impact on the environment and existing structures. This means that you’ll have a front-row seat, no matter what!

Before you sit down for dinner, you can experience many cultural activities, like building an imu (in-ground oven) or weaving ti leaves, to playing traditional games like Ulu Maika (lawn bowling) or spear throwing. You and your honey will experience Hawaiian culture like never before in this intimate setting. Lu'aus at Nutridge teach guests about Hawaiian culture in an entertaining and engaging way.

Enjoy traditional Hawaiian food and regional cuisine for dinner, like slow-roasted Kalua pork, Lau Lau, and Haupia (coconut pudding), while the sun sets and you enjoy the evening's performances. There’s no bad seat in the house here, and you’ll witness traditional hula dancing as well as other types of Polynesian dance. Immerse yourself and your new spouse in the beautiful culture of Hawaii at this interactive lu'au.

Paniolo Lu'au

If you're looking for a lu'au a bit closer to your vacation rental, check out the Paniolo Lu'au, right here in our Turtle Bay resort! The resort hosts these lu'aus weekly and even provide a shuttle for you to conveniently get to and from the venue.

Turtle Bay Resort pays homage to paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) every Wednesday night with a delicious feast, featuring a pig roast, fresh salads, and an array of desserts, including the classic s'mores enjoyed around a campfire.

You and your partner can learn classic paniolo traditions, like throwing a lasso rope, weaving coconut fronds, and making a lei bracelet. Participate in yard games and enjoy an amazing show as the sun sets. You'll witness a Paniolo show and fire and knife performances as the sun sinks low beyond the horizon. Enjoy the delicious food that's part of paniolo culture and enjoy the many other amazing aspects of this special Hawaiian tradition at the Paniolo Lu'au.

Plan Your Oahu Honeymoon

With so many incredible activities to explore, you and your partner will have no problem keeping yourselves entertained on your honeymoon in Oahu! After your unforgettable experiences, you’ll want to return to a Oahu villa that feels like paradise.

Oceanfront Vacation Rentals has all you need for the honeymoon of your dreams! With resort amenities, including the Ocean Villas pool and jacuzzi, as well as special beachfront villas, you’ll never want your honeymoon to end when you book with us! Explore our Ko Olina Villas and our collection of Turtle Bay Villas and book your Oahu honeymoon directly with Oceanfront Vacation Rentals!